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Buying oriental rugs was always in our family blood. My dad traded oriental rugs with the two major rug families in Chicago my entire childhood. I learned one very important lesson when Mr. Nahigian told me at 8 years old to go pick out a little rug from a stack. I went through the stack and brought him the rug I liked. He asked, "Is that the one you like?" I said yes. A meaningful look came across his face and he said... "Now that I know you like that rug, I will determine how much I'm going to charge you!" He then proceeded in simple terms to teach me the "Art of Negotiations" I was a good listener. Later in my life when I decided to open "Serafians" in Albuquerque, NM, I came into contact with the most successful "Independent Oriental Rug Broker" in the world, Caroline Bosly, who became my mentor. We were at Market and she told me to go any buy the best Turkish copper piece from an importer at the best price. I went and negotiated for an hour Stating at $120, with me coming back at $30. Back and forth until he said he just cannot go below $45. Since I was way under half, I made the deal coming back to Caroline with my proud negotiation skills. She asked how I did and she gave me that same look as Mr. Nahigian many years ago. Then she said, knowledge is the key to any successful negotiation, with cash being king. I had the cash, but lacked the knowledge of what Turkisk copper cost. She then proceeded to tell me the piece I picked cost the importer $3! Using those tools and gaining knowledge in leaps and bounds, Caroline said, "You make your money in the BUY, not the SELL." Serfafians became a success. We at Oriental Rug Merchants work very hard to eliminate those pitfalls many run into in the oriental rug world. We have made it a point to be on your side. From honest multifacted oriental rug appraisals, to Broker assisted rug purchases directly from rug importers, to helping you properly liquidate moms & dads, and our grandparents old rugs. Besides that, we will provide a referral service for cleaning, repairs, and moth-proofing.
Tekab Bidjar
One of the finest examples of rug production from Persia in the last thirty years. Known as the "Iron Rug of Persia" With proper care these rugs may last well over 100 years.  Shown here is an 8'3"X 11'4", with approximately 3.7 million hand tied knots in Kurk wool. This rug weighed over 120lbs.  Value at retail? Estimate Range $25,000.00-34,000.00
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Since we travel the world doing rugs, estates, and insurance claims, it is best to use e-mail for messages and especially photos. It is hard to expand photos on a phone. Texting is next! Please do not use the phone for calls as it costs a lot when out of the country. Thanks!