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Persian Tekab Bijar

Persian Oriental rug, (Tekab) Bijar, also know as the "IRON RUG OF PERSIA" 

Size: 6'9" x 9'9"

Rug #: #-GUK-1144

Historical Herati pattern, five section, Kurk (lambs wool) on cotton foundation. Approximately 325-345 knots per square inch. Knots in the entire rug approximately: 3,127,000 hand tied knots. If one talented artist worked on this rug, it would take about three years at ten hours a day! Rug is inlaid in single line silk. By far the best constructed, longest lasting rug in the world. Persian has over the last few months almost totally stopped production of these hand made carpets due to the building boom in the area. Weavers can make a lot more money in the building trade than at weaving. We may see an end to these great rugs, and the market is starting to adjust in concert with the limited supply. Basic color is Gheyasabad red, hinting away from the traditional antique red-orange, and more to a hint of slight antique maroon tones. Picture is pretty accurate to color. The Herati design, which originated in the city of Herat, was said to have started by Persian kids dropping stones in the calm pools of water and watching the goldfish turn away. So you see the repeated center pattern representing the stone drop, and the four opposing oak leaves as the goldfish moving away. In Persian this design is know as "fish-in-a-pool". This rugs is probably in the top 1- 2% of all rugs produced in the world!



Key Benefits

bulletWith proper care will last well over 125 years! Antique Bijars are now $12-18,500.00 in this size.
bulletTake a look at the picture! Because Bijars are so tightly woven, and each coarse so tightly beaten down, very few rugs come out straight. Just look at a perfect example of a rug "in square".
bulletCheck out a rare fine at a great price!


$2,845.00, not including shipping/ins. ....SOLD...


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