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Khorrasan Jin-Fei/China

Size 8'0" x 10'0"

Rug#: GU7-500

This rug was so expensive to produce, they no longer make it! This is a reproduction of an antique Khorrasan. The original rug was many times this size. Jin-Fei rug production was the exclusive user of Mongolian wool for these antique reproductions. Besides using a very strong wool, second only to the Persian Bijar, the pile was cut 5/8-3/4 of an inch tall. When the company was in business, they guaranteed the rug would not wear out! When I was in retail, we sold these rugs with pride, as China finally made a product they could be proud of. Unfortunately, they ran out of Mongolian wool, and could not continue to produce such quality. At first, they cut the pile height by 50% to save wool. Demand was so great, that did not work. The price of Mongolian wool quadrupled in the market! Eventually the company was forced to close, having made one superior product. There is some good news. The company, before it's demise, reproduced many of the antique rugs left for the public to view and walk on in many of the great exhibition halls. Now, these treasured antiques are being restored and stored while the "iron rug" reproductions are taking the abuse. 

This antique reproduction of the Khorrasan uses premium Mongolian long staple wool on a strong cotton warp and weft. Premium chrome dyes are the basis for all the color shades. If you like the calm look of the varied brown and blue tones, and you are not into typical reds, this rug might be fore you. In any event, one thing is for sure, it will outlast a complete generation, and maybe two! When I was in retail, I contracted the looms to make the Jin-Fei into 2'x3's, and 2'x4's, for small entry rugs. With the constant abuse of the sun, sand, and heavy traffic in the Southwest, one would have expect these rugs to show the abuse. Year after year, once we washed these rugs, they looked like new, and said..."give me more"....

Key Benefits

bulletSecond strongest rug in the world! Premium dyes, great construction.
bulletSoft tones of brown and blue reproduced to the same shading as the original antique. Perfect shear. 
bulletProbably the easiest rug for us to ever wash! It is so dense, dirt stays right on top! This oriental rug ( 8' x 10') is a perfect size for many rooms.


$1,845.00 , not including shipping/ins. !


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