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Oriental Rug Merchant sells oriental rugs in two ways. You may buy an oriental rug using the "broker assisted purchase program" direct from oriental rug importers and/or large importing oriental rug dealers. Or, you may purchase oriental rugs online through our "Products Section" listed below. This web page provides the two best ways on how to buy a quality oriental rug. Just imagine going into a large importing oriental rug company and having the chance to select among thousands of oriental rugs @ wholesale prices! Why would anyone want to go to their local oriental store and view just a few rugs? Besides you really don't know what kind of oriental rug discount your are really receiving.

Oriental Rug Merchant provides "broker assisted purchases" of all types of oriental rugs, persian rugs, antique persian rugs, oriental rugs with natural dyes, antique oriental rugs, used oriental carpets, serapi oriental carpets, and just about any oriental rug found in production or in a warehouse. We have available the largest selection of oriental rugs a buyer could imagine, including all kinds of  oriental rugs like, Heriz, Hamadan, Tabriz, Bijar, and all hand knotted rugs. Actually the vast majority of our client business is purchasing oriental rugs for clients through our "Broker Assisted Service" (Service 01 section) directly from oriental rug importers at their warehouses. You may go directly to this  Section under the link at the left marked Service 01. This saves you the most money, but requires a trip and some limited expenses that are easily recovered through the additional savings. 

Our "Oriental Rugs for Sale" section lists a select few special oriental rugs below. Each oriental rug in this section offers unique qualities to make it here, and each oriental rug is considered a deep "discount oriental rug". You may click-on each product in the left column to see a photograph of the oriental rug listed with details on each particular area rug.

* We have taken a lot of time to produce top quality pictures displaying oriental carpets and oriental rugs. Please note that all the oriental area rugs below are listed in the Products 01-05 in the left column. When you click-on the Products at left, please let the pictures load completely. It will be worth it!

Product 01- Persian Tekab Bijar, 
                          rug #: 3-GKU-1144

6'9" x 9'9" top quality hand knotted oriental rug. One of the top 1-2% of rugs produced in the world. See details by clicking on Products 01 located in the left margin. It will take a little while for that good picture to come up in the Section.

Product 02- Tekke Turkoman/ Russian
                rug#: 3-GUK-14258

4'3" x 6'11" fine, rare Russian Turkoman with unbelievable colors and wool quality. They don't produce them like this anymore. See details by clicking on the Products 02 located in the left margin. A real collector piece!

Product 03- Khorrasan-Jin Fei/ China
                rug #: GU7-500

8'0" x 10'0" Jin Fei quality! This is a hand knotted antique reproduction of a famous Khorrasan oriental rug. The quantity and expense of this Mongolian wool became so expensive to buy, and so limited in the market, that the Company stopped producing this kind if rug. See the details by clicking on the Products 03 located in the left margin. This rug is a real workhorse!

Product 04- Josheghan/ Persia-Iran
                rug #: GU-2921

4'5" x 6'11" Josheghan has a great wool pile. Great colors, and a unique design. Wool quality has fallen off in this rug production to Bazaar quality, yet this rug maintains the quality wool of old. It would be nice to own a long lasting Josheghan oriental rug, that will only get better over time! See the details by clicking on the Products 04 located in the left margin.

Product 05- Bijar/ Persia-Iran
                rug #: GU8-2834

4'11" x 5'1" Bijar is a great example of great color blend, top quality dense wool, pleasing design, and a rare size. Don't miss this one! See the details by clicking on the Products 05 located in the left margin.


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