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If you wish to purchase an oriental rug online, persian rug online, or any of our oriental rugs online, first contact us to see if the oriental rug - oriental rugs are available. Second, ask for shipping/ins. costs to get the rug to you, and that amount which needs to be paid in advance on the rug. Send two checks! The first check includes the shipping & insurance estimate. The second check is for the cost of the oriental rug being mailed with the Order Form below. Please supply all the information requested. You may print this entire page, or just highlight the Order Form area, and print it off your computer. Since we are sending very valuable oriental rugs out to you, we require a check in the amount of the oriental rug(s), plus any shipping to be paid in advance. We will promptly return any oriental rug online payment within seven days of receipt of the returned oriental rug in original condition. Your pre-view is for three days only! Why? Because 90% of all oriental rugs, persian rugs, and all oriental area rugs purchased are decided in the first hour! Please use two checks. The first check is for the shipping & insurance costs to deliver the rug to you. The only costs the buyer has besides the rug itself, is the cost to ship & insure the rug from it's destination, and maybe a return if needed. The second check is for the cost of the rug. Through this system, Oriental Rug Merchant  (an online oriental rug company) insures our discount oriental rug prices stay at rock bottom! Based on quality, condition, and looks, and normal oriental rug store retail prices all our oriental rugs online are considered a "deep" discount oriental rug! All our oriental rug sales online are based on keeping cost very low, so you reap the benefits! In the past, our oriental rug customers have taken many of the smaller oriental rugs in our oriental rug online collection displaying oriental carpets like these as works of art by hanging them on the wall. Oriental Rug Merchant is the place to receive your real "oriental rug discount"!



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* You may e-mail this information to Oriental Rug Merchant, or, if you feel more secure, you may fax the information to our number, or use common mail system.

This Order Form is prepared by Oriental Rug Merchant. Title of any oriental rug online, persian rug, or any oriental area rugs purchased through our online oriental rug company when sent, remain(s) the property of Oriental Rug Merchant until the oriental rug or any of our oriental rugs online have been paid in full (funds cleared), including all shipping and insurance charges. Now you have the second best way on "how to buy quality oriental rugs"! This method eliminates your typical oriental rug store purchase, with their typically inflated oriental rug sales price and their inflated oriental rug discount.

Oriental Rug Merchant

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Oriental Rug Merchant

1115 Wheaton Circle N.E.

Massillon, Ohio 44646

tele/fax: (330) 834-0425

e-mail: geoffrey_uhle@sbcglobal.net