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Broker Assisted Oriental Rug purchases

A Wholesale Broker purchase of oriental rugs, Persian rugs, area rugs, rugs, discounted rugs, tribal rugs, are without a doubt, the best way to save the most money on rugs. WE comb through piles of Heriz, Hamadan, Tabriz, Bijar, Qum, Sarouk, Bokhara, Turkoman, tribal rugs, and all hand knotted rugs, to find you the best quality, and best deal at a price rug dealers pay plus our fee. This method can save you thousands per rug, and truly call this sale the biggest discounted area rug purchase you ever made. We schedule a trip to meet our client's in one of the top oriental rug importers locations throughout the world. In each major city, we have selected these importers and antique dealers based on their honesty, integrity, selection, and price. The fees we charge as a Broker are very reasonable. Purchases through a Broker are often a better way to go even when purchasing only one room size rug.

Fee Schedule

The per diem fee for the U.S. & Canada is $185.00 per day. Other countries quotes may be requested. All expenses are are cost. We do not like to waste money! These costs include, air travel in coach, ground transportation, lodging, food and other items deemed necessary. All expenses will be estimated by the Broker, and submitted in advance to the client. If requested, the client may pay for in advance, air travel, lodging, and ground transportation, instead of the Broker securing such services. The Broker will use their best efforts to provide reasonable costs. If the Brokers wishes to use his own vehicle, the expense will be charged at $00.38 per mile. The Broker's fee is as follow:

Purchases                                                                   % of sales

$0.00- $5,000.00                                                           18%

$5,000.01- $10,000.00                                                  15%

$10,000.01- $25,000.00                                                12.5%

over $25,000.01                                                           10.0%


Key Benefits

bulletAs a Broker, we are on your side, buying for you, with your interests in mind. This process evens up the score when trading with a rug dealer, or importer. WE know the market prices at wholesale and retail. WE have a complete knowledge of the carpets being currently made, those that have ceased , or reduced production, as well as antique carpets. WE also know WHO to do business with. 
bulletWe have reviewed oriental rugs, Persian rugs, and all area rugs for many years, turning thousands of rugs a year. WE buy for you, as if we are buying for our own inventory. We know the common flaws, mistakes, and repairs, not seen buy the general public. Our advise is based on our knowledge of the rug industry. When looking through a professional rug dealers eyes, you have the distinct advantage of using their many years of experience in selecting the best oriental carpet, at the best price.
bulletTraveling through the rug import warehouses provides the best selection in rugs you will ever imagine. We ask specific questions to guide us in determining what you want, need, and can afford. We know the limitations concerning sizing of rugs, and who makes what. WE have many years of knowledge in using our interior design skills for your house plans. We channel your viewing based on the answers we receive to make sure you do not get "rug overload". 
bulletWe provide shipping for your goods at our industry rates, which is often many times lower than your efforts. 
bulletWe use our buying power of many years in the wholesale, retail, and importing rug industry to get you a price beyond compare!

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tele/fax: (330) 834-0425

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